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Domain Name Features & Protection:
Domain guard
As your business grows online, it may inspire imitators to register similar domain names which could be used to falsely represent themselves to your customers. With Domain Guard, we let you know by email each time a new domain name similar to yours is registered, helping you protect your trademarks, copyrights, and brand. If you have a unique domain name and want to keep it that way, protect your domain name and your brand from copycats and typo-squatters..

Domain privacy
We offer Domain Privacy to help protect you! When you register a domain name, your information is stored in a public database & Keeping your personal information private on the internet is a hard task. That is why this standard domain name registration process can expose your personal contact information to the general public. We simply mask your email with ours and place a forward to your email.

Domain Privacy conceals your private information from the public, and replaces it with our own.

Domain monitor
Are you interested in a domain already registered by someone else? Domain Monitor is a domain name status monitoring service that alerts you when a "taken" domain name becomes available or expires. Monitoring these changes is vital if you want to purchase a domain currently not available.

Domain Monitor can also assist you in keeping an eye on the competition. If your competitor makes any changes to their domain name record you can be alerted immediately. We monitor the status of the domain name(s) you provide and send you an email alert when any of the following attributes change: Nameserver settings, registrar status, and/or expiration date.

Easy site wizard pro
Each domain registration with Media Network includes access to EasySiteWizard Pro, an easy-to-use website creation tool that allows you to design a customized web page from a selection of 1,200+ site templates that are pre-optimized for search engines.

Full domain management
When you register a domain with us, Media Network provides an easy-to-use domain management interface where you can update and manage registrant/administration details, billing and technical contact information for that domain, as well as renew a registered domain.

Domain locking
Protect your unauthorized domain transfers by simply adding Domain Locking to any of your registered domains.

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